Tools can help us

With you, we can help our planet


    For every order we get, we donate a % to companies that tries to save our planet, like Grassroots Carbon and Running Tide. We also donate every month to 'Project Blue' by Lunar


    STAHLÉNS is always looking for better ways to be more enivornment-friendly. From researching better materials and shipping alternatives to installing solar panels


    Did you know that products sent from our local warehouse is packed in a bag made by corn? That means you can throw it away with good conscience!


Did you know that the ocean is the lungs of our planet? It's producing oxygen for life and absorbing carbon dioxide and waste. Seaweed accounts for 54% of the world's oxygen production and the seas act as climate regulators on the planet.

That is why we at STAHLÉNS is donating every month to 'Project Blue' By Lunar.

Project Blue is an initiative where Lunar gives you the opportunity to contribute to reducing plastic in the oceans around us with the use of seabins

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